Photographer will take 3 shots of each selected pose.

Mosaic Images will select the best shot of each pose to include in your finished portrait collection.

You will receive your portraits via Priority Mail in approximately 8 weeks.

Mosaic Images photographers are professionally trained to personalize your portrait session.

No other professional photographers are allowed access to photograph weddings in the Chapel of Love. Professional photography equipment, including cameras, extended lenses and lighting, is forbidden within the Chapel. Violations are subject to a penalty.

To protect the quality of your portraits, we request you inform your guests that no other photographs should be taken while the photographer is working.

Please note that with the purchase of professional photography, you will be given an additional 20-30 minutes, free of charge to allow time for photographs.

Photography cannot be guaranteed with less than 72 hours notice.

All payments on wedding photography are non-refundable and non-transferable. Chapel of Love assumes no liability.

Prices quoted as of 7/01/19. Prices subject to change prior to deposit.